Would you like to play the Venezuelan Cuatro?

TuCuatro is a website that will help you learn to play Cuatro online.  TuCuatro has hundreds of lessons to make you learn as fast as possible and it is a project started and maintained by genuine Venezuelan Cuatro Players. As a TuCuatro student, you will be able of contacting real Cuatro players and ask them your questions directly.

TuCuatro has an extensive list of videos, categorized by genre, rhythm or progression, and also by level (basic, intermediate or advanced) so you will be able of learning at your own pace and directly from the comfort of your own home.

We welcome you to your new passion!

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Beta testing is opened from March to August 2014

Do you want to participate as a Beta Tester? We will give you free stuff!!! You will only need to have your cuatro and  to write us to get included!